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According to the needs of the market and according to the science of management in the field of architecture, Satter Group entered the building façade market in 2005. SATER Company is the only official and exclusive representative in Iran and the office of Alutech Company in Turkey in Iran. In addition to providing product sales services and fast depot in Tehran, the complete package of facade engineering and technical design, system proposal and calculations and details of correct and optimal use of profiles, provides fittings according to international standards.

In some projects that have high architectural and design sensitivity, with the cooperation of the specialized technical and engineering team of Alutech Turkey, after visiting according to the proposed details and its specificity, the design and project-specific system is ordered and produced.

In the production process, it is possible for esteemed employers and their representatives to visit the production process, and the possibility of valid laboratory tests in Europe is received on a scale from the project details of the project. Production and installation of the project and in the form of a complex has caused it to have a special advantage over other actors in this industry in the field of facade and window construction industry, especially for high-rise and complex buildings.

Providing façade engineering and consulting to architects, employers, contractors and construction managers plays a very important role in this industry. SATER company has established its collection with the aim of engineering façade coating systems, and in this regard, a collection of engineering services from consulting to construction and installation, classification of software information, for import into CNC machines, as well as price calculations. Finishes and reduces waste and optimizes the product, which ultimately leads to a reduction in cost, presented at its headquarters by a group of the best façade engineers. In the design section, LOGIKAL software produced by the German company ORGADATA is used and the design team has high expertise and complete mastery of this software.